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Today, we are welcoming the

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Today, we are welcoming the

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Today, we are welcoming the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2013. On this day, we can do a lot of meaningful things, such as praying for the light, enjoying the moon, guessing riddles, eating moon cakes, and enjoying osmanthus [url=100scigarettes.com]Marlboro Gold Pack[/url]. The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the Reunion Festival [url=smokingsalestore.com]Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url]. On this day, the moon will be rounder than usual, and people will also eat round moon cakes. The round moon, the round moon cake represents the meaning of reunion. On this day, the wanderers who work outside the home will return to their hometown to reunite with their loved ones with the feeling of being a stranger in a foreign land and staying close to each other during themy father working in Shenzhen also went home and reunion with us [url=cigscoupons.com]Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url]. After dinner at night, we came to the balcony and waited for the protagonist Moon Sister to appear. About nine o'clock, the moon came out, and the round moon was like a piece. Like the big jade plate, it hangs in the clean night sky. Seeing the protagonist's appearance, my mother quickly brought in the fruit that had been prepared for a long time. There were red apples, round Shatian pomelo, crystal clear grapes, and double-spring cakes that looked like drooling, and Dad. The five-ren moon cake that I like to eat is full of tables. Then, my mother brought a sacrifice, and when the mother finished the sacrifice, we began to ate and verse on the verse, first of all, I made a question. I just said, "From the night tonight," my brother immediately said that "the moon is the hometown of the country." I am not convinced and said "toast to the moon" has not waited. When I finished, my brother rushed to say "I have a shadow on four people." I heard it, when was one more person? The younger brother touched his head and said that it is obviously four people, father, mother, me and my brother. Isn��t it just four? After listening to my brother's explanation [url=100scigarettes.com]Cheap Cigarettes[/url], we all laughed together. Look at the moon in the sky, as if Wu Gang and Yan in the palace are secretly laugay is a day of reunion, and it is also a happy day. I wish my family, my teacher and my friends will always be happy [url=cigarettesonlinesale.com]Newport Cigarettes Price[/url], healthy and healthy. Also bless all the people in the world to reunion and happiness.on, please bring my wishes, fly to the high sky, and spread my blessings to my loved ones.
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