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There's only 1 Xmas cracker left in all Runescape

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There's only 1 Xmas cracker left in all Runescape

Postprzez wfuuopy w Czw Paź 15, 2020 1:33 am

I recall someone even RuneScape gold inquiring on these forums,"When there is only 1 Xmas cracker abandoned in all of Runescape, what do you really think it'll be worth?" I think that the answer is, it is going to be worth whatever worth to the person that owns it - because there will not be any additional ones.

Post any of your ideas on discontinued items. P.S.. While training at lessers, a Runescaper was telling me about the costs of runes 6 years back (she hasn't played for some time ). I said"That is quite a while ago". She then replied that she had been about RS for at least 6 years, she was about for Runescape Classic: ). I asked,"Can you get any holiday items (e.g. Xmas cracker)?" She said she'd 500 party hats and 30 santa hats inside her first Runescape account. I inquired,"What did you do together?" . She replied that she has those items in her original accounts, but she forgot the password to that account.

Ahead of the dungeoneering update and the rewards that came with it, imo the walnut shortbow was the most frequently encountered bow utilized. People cited reasons such as a fast attack speed and reasonable damage as motives as to why they picked it over walnut. Users of maple longbows were really few and far between, I myself only chanced upon a walnut longbow user when I was at Clan Wars FFA. (As a matter of fact, he used the more range of the longbow to shoot while my shortbow couldn't hit him).

Users of different varients of bows such as the crossbow were even fewer, with the composite bows being a luxury item that few 60+ were able to manage. Crossbows were used occasionally in clan wars by people wielding it and a shield, but I seldom saw composite bows being spilled. This was how it stood before the upgrade (in my view ). Most damage per hit: Maple long, exact fashion, assuming similar arrows were used. Most cost efficient: Either maple long or maple short. Most harm over time: Maple brief. Most commonly used: Maple short.

Best complete bow in my view: Willow comp (Mainly because I purchased one and enjoyed the blend of additional attack at the cost of speed, but not as dumb as a longbow, with a great bonus array ) However, with the latest dungeoneering upgrade, it seems like Just About the Gambling EXperience (aka Jagex) decided that the maple longbow was under-utilized. With the longbow sight today employed, it provides a hefty bonus of +110 range strike bonus in addition to the regular bonuses that a maple longbow has. I'd like to see what the reactions of the Sal's community are all approximately like. Would this update make longbows much more popular due to their high harm, and perhaps even the most popular bow being calmed? Will it create comp. Bow users even less because of buy RS gold more folks switching to sighted longbows?
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