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Urea Solution Making Machine suppliers

Urea Solution Making Machine suppliers

Postprzez rrre23 w Śro Wrz 11, 2019 4:04 am

SCR solution production machine
Shandong new blue environmental protective technology Co., Ltd can produce different capacities SCR solution production machine for you. Range from 4tons/10hours, 8tons/10hours, 1ton/hour, 2tons/hour... 5tons/hour or even more. Our machine are fully automatic controlled, only need 1~3 operators, one key start, easy operation.
Description of SCR solution production machine
The main parts of our SCR solution production machine include: Water pre- treatment system, 2 grade Ro system, EDI system, Mixing system, Filter system, PLC control system, Different kinds of sensors, Cloud monitor system, etc. It’s a smart Adblue manufacturing solution based on different capacity.
We have our own production line here in our workshop. Welcome to our factory to check the practical operation.
● Features:
1. Reasonable design, Small footprint
2. Low operation cost and maintenance
3. Easy set up and operation
4. Automatic controlled system with different monitor sensors
5. Can check the whole production process from phone with the cloud monitor function
● Technical Specification for reference:
Name: SCR solution production machine
Application: Adblue liquid manufacture
MaterialsStainless Steel
Power supply380V, 50HZ
Operators13Urea Solution Making Machine suppliers
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